Skullified: Batman

Skullified version of Batman

Skullified version of Batman - second work and part of the Skull:z & Idols series. 
Find more artworks related to this homage series here on my website or on behance.

This is a new long term series I´m working on, done in Sculptris, rendered in blender, some postwork done in Photoshop.

Skull:z: & Idols is an Iconography-series of popular personalities and fictional characters, this concept explores the relationship between success, superficialities and mortality.

“When facing death we all become equal”

Skull:z: n idols portfolio:

Production stills:

Sculptris bust (W.I.P.)
Blender Screen capture
Blender Screen capture
Printed version (example)
Printed version (example)

Print available here.

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