The Artist´s Studio

Personally I love to read Biographies and how other artist have setup their studio for work.

This page is dedicated to my studio and the collectors who sincerely have a right to see
how I invest my time and money.

First off I have to say I'm a geek, I came in contact with computers at the age of 8 and that definitely changed the way I saw the world. For me it was a natural way to create art and recreate how I perceive my environment.

I tried always to create limited original works but I ended up having no one who wanted them (yet). Opposed to that, I make a living by creating and selling my own digital art, so why even bother?

Photo by Studio-54 Trier

Below you see the place of my studio where the magic happens; The creative room:

My newest addition is an ergonomic saddle chair. Usually I work standing but on long hours it is great to be able to electronically move the table down and sit.

The drawing tablet is a Wacom Cintiq 27 QHD, you can find a review here.
The drawing Tablet is a Wacom Cintiq 32 Pro, you can find a review here.
The drawing Tablets are a 22" 2nd Gen XP-Pen & 24" Artist Pro XP-Pen + 12.9" iPad Pro
A review of the XP-Pen 22" 2nd Gen can be found here.

One hell of a cat-friendly space! 

My newest equipment is a Mac Studio (image above) mounted under the desk. I got an M1 Ultra with 20 CPU-cores, 48 GPU-cores and 64 GB of RAM. You can find a review of it here.

The big monitor above that replaces the one from my iMac 5k is an LG 32UN880-B Ergo.

You could say I'm obsessed with workspace ergonomics and I even have a track record of my progress with optimization. You can view a gallery of how my desk / studio has changed over the years on this deviantArt gallery.

Below you see some of my smaller printers which are used to create my posters. The oldest one does its job since around 10 years, a great combination of the right papers and original inks allow for long lasting results.

My current printing setup consists of:
  • a 44" HP Designjet z6 
  • a 24" HP Designjet z2100
  • a 24" HP Designjet z6

When it comes to large prints and canvas, I only trust in my own printer. 
The 24" Designjet z6 is my newest investment and mainly in use for larger poster prints for orders and fairs. The 44" workhorse is mainly used for the Canvas prints. The Designjet z2100 is my oldest investment and still is precious in use for smaller prints because of its awesome line details. The photo below is how it looks after I finished my printing work. The new z6 Printer is missing in the picture below, but that is how my production room looks usually:

I may be nostalgic about that matter, but I love to frame each canvas by myself, this way I have the most control over color accuracy, finishing and unique treatments such as signature and labeling of each piece.

Here is a little tutorial on how to mount canvas and especially corners right.

For visitors that means more handmade and exclusive prints and for me:; lots of work;)


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