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Wacom Cintiq 32" Review and Fan Noise Advice

After around 4 years of working nicely, my 27" QHD showed some signs of aging.
Mostly starting up showed green bands or a red edge which went away after 10 -15 minutes but that happens generally when the LCD Panel gets old.

With some savings for a new tablet I decided for the Cintiq Pro 32" Model.

There are many reasons on the pro side to do so, my reasons are listed below:

  1. More screen real-estate for references
  2. More references because of 4k-resolution
  3. Easier on the eyes because of 4k resolution
These were my main intentions and on that front it did deliver, really.
There are many more such as no parallax and less lag as also better dpi and pressure sensitivity with the Pro-Pen 2.


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