Seraphim - Carpe Noctem

Illustration of a female vampire called seraphim with pale skin and red glowing hair standing on a kind of doorway to a German ruin, behind her a second protagonist of the story covered in a cloak

This was an assignment for a vampire novel, to be published this month from a regional publisher. The title is Seraphim: Carpe Noctem. The general description wants the main character Seraphim to be portrayed without having the cover look too much like vampire cliche. The red hair is clearly the center and was besides the cloth the most difficult part. I am really glad how this one turned out especially for the short timeframe this had to be realized. 

One issue was the problem of lighting in this scene, but then again it is illustration, finding a solution that allows to believe its full moon and so bright that you can see the important parts is a really difficult task. If it would be rendered too realistic, there would possibly only a glowing outline around the dark silhouettes be visible. My key argument here was the mist: its fully believable that mist can reflect strong moonlight in a way that turns the night into a day.

In the end I did also the typography and layout, usually I have nothing to do with that part of the publishing process.

A complete project overview can be found on my béhance page here:…
or on this website - covering all three book covers so far.

I have some progress steps on my tumblr-sketchbook here:
If you read German, it might be interesting for you to join the facebook page and participate in order to win a free copy of the book or other goodies whenever sweepstakes take place:…

Seraphim: Carpe Noctem - Book cover Illustration for Sandra Baumgärtner - published by Verlag Kleine Schritte
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