Android Legacy - Messenger II

A cyborg kneeling in front of a hummingbird which seems to plug in a cable to the female robot - but is obviously a machine itself

I did a 6 page tutorial for the former German Advanced Photoshop magazine (then"bildbearbeiter" now "pictures") the url changed, but the workshop is still downloadable, thanks to the way-back-machine, you can find and download the full article here:
(Interesting for German readers only - sorry.)

The complete workshop covers how to create the tubes with the pen tool and how to achieve the mechanical cyborg-skin-look.
Here is a quick process overview: 

Android Legacy Messenger 2 original artwork creation process in animated gif

I have put a little overview / walkthrough on my blog here:

All image credits are mentioned and used with permission, the model is courtesy of mjranum-stock.

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