Call of Cthulhu / Ctuhlhurotica Cover

Cthulhu Empress holding a red fruit, green setting, the female creature has tentacles coming out of her face leaving her with no eyes

Dark Cthulhu empress painting - Inspired by H.P.Lovecraft, this is my rendition of a rather seductive female Cthulhu empress. Also this is a part of another series i´m working on since a few years, called "transgenetic metahuman" Illustrations of human species that is crossed with either plants, animals, or insects to survive on another planet.
Call it the next step of evolution.

Cover art published by Dagan Books for the Anthology "Cthulhurotica": [link]

Reference used from my own of the recent trip to Vienna;-)
Pose inspired and referenced from [link]

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  1. Anonymous7/26/2015

    Hi, Oliver,
    This painting is truly magnificent. Thank you for this marvellous picture of fear and desire !
    If you decide to sell it one day, or to make copies, don't hesitate to contact me!
    Best regards,



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