How to Kill Focus Stealing Update Helper Without Deinstalling Corel Apps

 It took me a while to find the culprit of an annoying focus-stealing hiccup in OSX.

At first it was harmless, just annoying. When working with my new 24 Artist Pro Tablet from XP-Pen I experienced a sudden misalignment of the cursor, nearly 15 minutes after every calibration.

I even catch the driver by being disconnected for a second and wrote to the XP-Pen service about this issue as I assumed it to be a driver issue and it appeared just with the new UI-driver from XP-Pen, the official driver did not show this at all.

I looked for an app that would help me find the "focus-stealing-app" and found this tool in the EventViewer from Karabiner-Elements which I can recommend as it is easy to use.

Screenshot EventViewer

The glitch happened also in Photoshop when painting and it would take a few seconds to register keys or strokes again when painting. With the EventViewer I found that was responsible for these timed hiccups:

Bundle Identifier:  com.corel.CUH
File Path:          /Library/Preferences/com.corel.CUH/

It also does not help to watch out for it on the activity monitor because like a real potentially unwanted program it pops-up every 15 minutes and then close after a few seconds.

This is a very bad behavior from Corel and it made clear to me that this company does not deserve my money in the future.

Other artists and users came up with a solution - namely uninstalling the software as a whole. But since I paid money for this, that solution was unacceptable, so I found a way to make it work without the annoying adware from Corel!

I can only speak for Mac, but I assume there is a similar app out there for Windows.

First I used the path from the EventViewer above and deleted that particular folder, however that did not help as the PUP did re-instal itself and haunted me again as a Potentially-Unwanted-Zombie-App! Oh noes!!

Now I went on trying to deactivate messages from within the app which can be done in the Corel ... Menu like here:

But that did only work for another 15 minutes. If you want to try that yourself, the menu where you can uncheck the options might look like this:

Now I went on and installed Knock-Knock from Objective-See:

It is an investigative tool to find potentially unwanted programs on your Mac and it goes into the deeper libraries to see if there is something that does not belong there - it also looks up files on VirusTotal for malware rating. 

Knock-Knock app for MAc

I'm sure there is an equivalent for Windows out there. You could also do a deep search on the filename from explorer. Since I got the info from the EventViewer that is responsible, I looked that up in Knock-Knock and found 2 listings. 

If you find only one entry it might work but I'm rather sure there are 2 different apps in preferences and application support that have to be found - and whatever the equivalent is on Windows.

I then opened the paths and instead of deleting them, I added .bak at the end of the filename but I'm sure if you add .f**koffCorel at the end it will work well too ;)

Since then there is silence and the program still works!

I kept the EventViewer open for around 3 days just to see if there is another resurrection of the zombie-app but so far it is clean.

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