Luna & Nova - OC Design + Art Reveal - Kickstarted by 2 Times Artist Grant

In April 2020 I applied for an Artist Grant that was part of the Relief for Corona affected artists in Germany. The Grant was exclusive to resident artists of Rhineland Palatinate and I was fortunate enough to receive it. 

Thanks at this point to Stiftung Rheinland Pfalz für Kultur!
On this website you find all artists and their projects that receive these grants:

Luna and Nova now also have their own website, check out!

Back to the article:)
My idea was to build something new and original but still have the options to play with my previously explored concept of tributes to artists and pop culture.

Luna Portrait as Demon

"Girl with horns" Portrait of Luna 

So I searched for an idea that allowed me to combine all that I did until now, like monsters in landscapes, rusty machines, portraits of girls and sometimes androids and the occasional nod to anime or games... with still the most creative flexibility possible, to create everything I want, in the future.

It actually took a day to come up with Luna & Nova.

The conceptual phase took a bit longer, to find out what the story is about. But the main idea was to create a character: Luna, I like to draw girls with horns, so she has horns and is cute.

Luna Concept Drawings

To be able to paint all the machines or vehicles when needed, I wanted something versatile. To say I was inspired by the animated series Wakfu, is an understatement when I came up with Schrödinger:

Schroedinger Concept Scythe

The Scythe is inhabited by 2 demons so strong, they can still turn into anything that has molecules. In the hands of Luna, they become a dangerous weapon. However, when unstable it can happen that Schrödinger transforms into an umbrella, the name is a of course a nod to the physicist who is known for the experiment with a cat, better known as "Schroedingers cat".

Then there is Nova; a flying cat which has scaling abilities. Now everything makes sense right? Even the AT-AT painting could be a Luna & Nova piece, because Schrödinger can turn into that machine and Nova scales it up.

Nova and Schroedinger

And that is where the story should go, I can come up with whatever image idea I have in mind. As long as it fits the abilities of these three guys, it is a go. 

Artworks Gallery (so far)

Below are some of the works that include Luna & Nova. their appearance has become recognizable, but it is still fun to find out where they are, once you are aware of these small character-specific things that allow for the magic to happen.

The above piece is called Feeding time at the Highlands and is of course a nod to the recent installment of Ikoria from Magic the Gathering, just with a more gritty Behemoth ;)
Luna and Nova fit in there as they are feeding the lot of dragons, the hut has attracted them through the smell of fresh sweets. I wanted to go over the top with his piece and see how well anime and fantasy go well together. It was an experiment to be honest.

This piece was the first one actually finished. I tried to get a more sketchy / rough painterly look for this one that I may use later on for some other pieces as well.

This one actually took ages and it took this landscape from Edward Harrison Compton to succeed. There were some iterations with sunsets and waves, but it looked so much like cliché, it was not even funny. I wanted to be able to take tropes and make them interesting by fitting Luna and Nova in there to create a new story, but it should also look inviting and have a magic element.

And then there was Möbius. Actually I found the piece and initially was inspired and thought this would be a good fit to introduce Luna and Nova. But then, back at the conception-department I realized that Schrödingers original shape is a scythe and not one single person (except me) knows them yet, so this painting may make sense in 25 years from now, but not yet ;)

This is when I decided to create the painting at the beginning, to depict the characters in their original shape:

To finalize these, I created a video to give a bit more to the whole thing than just images:

And to show what Schroedinger is capable of, I liked to play with the Buster-Sword from Cloud Strife of FFVII, where the demon-eyes fit perfectly in the place where Materia has to be collected:

Second Artist Grant

Meanwhile, after finishing my documentation for the artist grant in August, I received a second grant, to push the Project with Luna even further, in terms of quality I wanted to add more depth to the characters by creating a 3d figure and even print that on my own.

This piece below was the result of the 3d-designed model, the title is exaggerated and is "Garden of the Galaxy", born from a misheard sentence but I found it fitting and maybe good for Luna's backstory.

The pieces below are all parts or steps from the 3d-design process or printing.
The figure can be downloaded for 3d-printing on your own on my thingiverse here:

It is also possible to view the figure in 3D on Sketchfab here:

More work coming this way

The second Artist grant documentation is just finished and I'm working with full force on new concepts and ideas. Below you find some storytelling images and concept sketches for things that "maybe" come...

Luna & Nova - 3 Swords after Wilhelm Leu

Some Concepts

Find my work on the Artist-Grant collective-Website: 
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