Should I Finish That Work In Progress? (Mind Map Approach)

As a matter of fact, every artist does struggle with that simple question and quite recently I came up with a Mind-Map/chart to give a visual solution for particular situations. This is a piece that you can pin on your desk or studio wall and look at it when in doubt.

This Map is by no means perfect, any suggestion will be incorporated in future versions, so feel free to share this or suggest a correction.

(Done with mindmup:
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  1. Hi there Thanks for all your useful articles and posts especially on the cintiq 13hd arm :) I'd like to ask one question about this post. What software did you use for creating the mind map?

    1. Hey Jose, thanks for the comment, glad you found it useful.
      I believe it was mindmup but could also be another online mindmap tool,



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