Photoshop Secrets #Fade Command

Since working with Photoshop everyday, I figured there are many keystrokes, habits and tools that I use on a daily basis and I decided to share them in some mini-blog-posts.

Eventually they are useful to students and creative professionals who have to deal with Photoshop as well.

A very common command in Photoshop is CTRL-Z for UNDO. A lesser known command is CTRL-- to FADE the previously done operation, which is eactly the same as UNDO just with a slider to set the exact amount of UNDO you want to apply.

One can actually do blending mode operations, but I recommend doing so only if you know exactly what you do, it also doesn´t work with all operations and the outcome can not be predicted.

This means, regardless if you´ve applied a filter, a brushstroke, a color correction or anything else, as long as it can be "undone" it can be "faded".

A common use in my daily routine is Edit->Auto-contrast and since the "Auto-contrast" is sometimes stronger or harder than I want it to be, the command: "Edit->fade" comes in handy here, because I can apply 10%, 50% or 70% of the previously taken action, which gives me a powerful control over my work at any given time.

An advanced option would be to assign this command to a button on your wacom tablet, depending on how much you use it. I did so and it saves a lot of time.
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