10000 Hours Are Not Enough

portrait sketch of a female model in purple and dark violet
Sketchbook post
It takes 10000 hours to master a specific craft, so they say.
I dare to say it takes a lot more hours, maybe 30 - 40k.

The reason is obvious, any profession nowadays takes more than just to learn a craftmanship or study, it takes years of practiced and applied daily routine in a real business environment, that is learning time too.

If you are a part time artist, there´s a dayjob that even steals between 8-10 hours a day from that time.

Being a freelancer means you have to juggle many tasks, from social networking, marketing, bookkeeping, additional programming skills, email writing, blogging, traditional skills, driving skills, organisation, event management -the list could go on.

If you are a painter, skills in traditional pencil, charcoals, acrylic colors are useful as also painting or sketching digitally, postwork in Photoshop and knowledge in 3dimensional creations is useful too. Did I mention that it would take 60000 hours to master all of the before mentioned skills alone?

So if you are a graduate and think you know it all, think twice or better three times more, it will take a lifetime to master your craft, any craft, so better get used to it. Get used to call yourself an apprentice, fail hard and often.

Regardless if you are a master, senior artist, art director, whatsoever, if you're not dead yet, you are just at the beginning.

So get your pencil or what is near you and start drawing.
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