The Problem with Instant Gratification

What we´ve got here is failure to communicate.

Well, especially the communication with our inner self. Like with stories, we are hardwired for instant gratification.

Please remember when your mother has brought the food on the table, did you probably heard a"does it taste good?" Which is a request for instant gratification.

Our brain sometimes wants a reward or like Marcus Sherridan puts it:

"On a psychological and physiological level, what comments and shares really do is release a chemical in our bodies called dopamine—a temporary shot of happiness, the same type of feeling we get with alcohol, gambling, or even those little sounds our cell phones make with each new text or email message."

This is especially true when "working your way through Mordor", that´s how I call it when I put new works online, or a new blog post, etc. It is always guesswork until you get the first comment. And if we begin to depend on these comments as a justification if a content is good or not, we devalue content and trust in a false god.

I have rarely comments on my blog and I keep it running, because I know it is a coherent display of me and my work, my thoughts and a coverage of my mind at work, I learn a foreign language by doing so and I persuade strangers to become clients this way, so why the heck should I need comments of appraisal to keep going?

Important tis to get rid of the self-image we are attached to, that we need the instant response.
When it is your client you are working with that is OK, but when you post your work online, don´t expect something, or better, expect nothing. You have to learn to curate your work all on your own, even a lot of commentary can confuse you from what you really want to do and is doing more harm this way than the other way round.

If you´re self disziplined and courageous enough you need no reward, you just know what´s good and which of your work is just crap, because no one else can do that for you.
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