Opinion Matters (Probably More Than you Think)

My opinion matters, to many.

And I know that.

My opinion is a skill that I sharpen as much as I hone my drawing skills and my writing/language skills.

Because my opinion reflects who I am and even more important: who I´m not.

I´d go as far as saying that your opinion is far more worth than what you do, because when you raise your voice you have a very special appearance, you show for what you stand, what emotionally connects you with the opposition and why it matters to you.

If everything is equal, there is no opinion and if there is no opinion there´s no passion. Without passion there is no art and without art there is no life as art is a reflection of ourselves.

You see it all depends on each other. The last sentence is probably exaggerated but true in it´s own merit.

I can´t teach you how to have an opinion and which one is right or wrong. I can only encourage to have one. Because it can work more for you than you think.

  • Your opinion can show off your expertise in a field
  • Your opinion can make you irreplacable
  • Your opinion can save a life
  • Your opinion can make others grateful
  • Your opinion can save others from a big mistake
  • Your opinion will block the wrong people from approaching you
  • Your opinion will allow the right people to find their way to you
  • Your opinion will keep you on the right track
  • Your opinion will lead you to personal luck
There is no secret in making it work for you, the trick is to believe that it can.

If you believe that your opinion matters, you gain self-awareness, confidence in others, discipline and passion for life.

Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social enviroment. Most people are incapable of forming such opinions." - Albert Einstein

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