The Consequences Of Thinking In Black & White

In times where no one thought of Hollywood flicks, our way of thinking was determined by a sovereign.
Later the government had taken the top-to-bottom strategy to a new level in school- education.

And today the media dictate the same shit.

When we incorporate words like "should", "have to", "right" and "wrong" into our daily lives, we ultimately are victims of a legacy of that old way of thinking and we are not too far away from a monarchy to say this is thousands of years ago.

And also the media do no good in showing that the good ones have to win, while the bad guys have deserved to die.

This black and white way of defining things leads to a very restricted definition of life.

Profoundly bad is also the impact on children who consume this way of thinking as true and that limit their capability to grow up to their actual intellectual size.

The words above are something that I have thrown out of my dictionary a long time ago and it makes me free to know there is no "I have to" or "should I?" because neither of them bear truth, they just have one purpose: to limit us.

No one forces you to do something, when you say: "But I have to go to work..." You should ask yourself if that is really you or if someone else does control your mind, becasue if the latter is the case, you would want to consider a psychotherapy, the murder of John Lennon also was externally controlled.

No one forces you to wake up and go to work, truly no one. It is part of a self reflection that you make yourself clear that you, and only you, are responsibly for your thoughts and that it is you, who "want" to go to work, for whatever reasons you have defined for yourself in the past.

If you wouldn´t want to do this you would want to do something else, right?

In an earlier part of your life you have decided to do things that led to the situation you are now and either you embrace this or you have to change the situation if it is a mess, simple as that.

No one should do something he or she doesn´t want to do, otherwise we would all seem be externally controlled zombies and I doubt that this is a reality I´d like to live in.

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