How To Think Different In The Age Of Different Thinkers?

There is no easy way out.

Atari probably went a bit too far with their "different" approach back then.

When apple set out with their tag line "Think Different" back in the day it was a bold statement, but it was true. Back in the day they had a vision that everyone can handle a computer and their effort has made the apple products what they are today; easy to use.

But exactly that led to the problem apple faces today. Everyone is different now and even if you don´t own an apple product, you probably use a similar product with the same take on technique and simplicity. Regardless if Android or Windows phone, computing has become so easy that in fact it isn´t special anymore, for that it has become quite too common.

Seth Godin has quite a nice speech about the "Purple Cow" and how to stand out, how to get early adopters before the critical mass adapt a new invention. However, even the purple cow isn´t great anymore if the meadow is full of purple cows.

When everyone stands out, no one stands out.

The only thing that can make new invention last a bit longer, is authenticity.

Authenticity, however, is not easy to achieve for corporations, individuals have it far easier to be perceived as authentic.

I think chasing popularity is the wrong thing to do, authenticity leads to timeless ideas and in the end if something is timeless enough, it will become popular because the demand grows over time. Unlike viral marketing campaigns and hyped content, timeless and authentic ideas outweigh the temporary in the long run.

Authenticity will win

In modern art the same will happen. In hundred years people will hardly remember what a Damien Hirst has made, but the Mona Lisa will still be on public display forever.

This is not a matter of taste, but of public demand and education.

And if you compare both artists, it is hype, viral marketing and "purple-cow-marketing" that loses over traditional, authentic and beautifully handcrafted art.

Yes, it´s that easy.

Compare what lasts and compare what is popular today, it takes not much of a guess work whose work will stay and whose efforts will be gone, the same happen in pop-music day-by-day.

It just needs some training, do your assumptions yourself and don´t let others dictate that for you. If you let the latter happen there is a rare chance you get a sense for this important business practice ever.

The Eiko Ishioka benchmark can be applied to every area of expertise.
If something is original, timeless and revolutionary at that time, it has a great chance to stay and be remembered.

No guaranty is given, but it is up on you on which thing you focus.
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