There Is No Such Thing As Competition

Competition is overated and this post shows why.

When you start out with "paste-whatever-you-like-in-here", you find that in every corner there is already someone who does the same thing as you.
Inevitably you find yourself forced to set your business apart from the crowd and find a way to make you more interesting to prospective clients.

But why?

Why do we thrive and think that we have to compete with one another when we can use our "competition" to collaborate?

In the first instance it is important to notice that there is not such a thing as competition, any competition you may find is the result of an idea that came due to your way of viewing the world. Your problem, not ours.

To get more into the term competition it is important to understand what it is: "An event or contest in which people compete." If this is true it makes sense to view life as an event, contest or game, I think that makes it easier to evolve.

If I have to compete I want to play, but I don´t play to compete, instead I want to get better at what I´m doing.

This affirmation simply changes the rules.

When you focus on getting better instead on the "competition" the game IS changing to your benefit.

In the end you determine the pace of your own game and once that happens you are ahead of your own time, because the time you save on looking what others do goes straight into your pocket.

Do that long enough and you are always a bit ahead of your time to be able looking what others do and eventually find some inspiration that make you move even further ahead.

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