Women Can Paint Very Well!

This post is a "tongue-in-cheek*" answer to the hilarious statement from Georg Baselitz, who quite recently stated that "Women can´t paint very well" . The article from theindependent.co.uk is quite interesting and makes you actually shake your head.

To be honest, even a Chuck Close and David Hockney have more artistic qualities compared to the stuff that Baselitz produces, in my humble-artistic-opinion.

In general, it often astounds me that these folks have the guts to even call that art.

I´d understand if no one ever would have seen a refined oil painting, but having a history of master artists doing that back in the 1500 century, makes me really angry that some of today´s artists try to sell their "sketches" and doing really well by labelling their work as art.

However, actually I don´t care, I´m in a different business, I just feel the urge to react on such statements with my personal opinion. Art is very subjective, but a statement such as the above, is a defamation that hasn´t to do anything with "being subjective", it isn´t even hilarious, it is plain dumb. A so-called-artist at the age of 75 should know better.

Following, you find some great artwork from women that I consider "art", very inspiring, refined and noteworthy works opposed to the "scrap" (pardon) that you have to see above.

Martha Dahlig

Christiane Vleugels
Jennifer Healey
Soey Milk
Mercedes Helnwein
Ilene Meyer
Brittney Lee
Jana Schirmer

* This post isn´t in any way meant to be taken seriously, it is just my opinion and critique to what is considered art and what not.

The view and opinion shared in this blog post are mine alone and doesnt reflect a public opinion. (Hence tongue-in-cheek) The copyright of the displayed art belongs to their respective copyright owner.
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