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Recently I got into a discussion about religion and a day later I found that there is some relation between the worldview we have as an adult and what we have learned in school.

Nothing new you might say, but I guess there´s always something good about a second thought.

We are used to see the world through our own eyes and learn in school that religion is something above us that connects us, but is untouchable.

Many of us don´t like that idea but nonetheless we accept this until we don´t think about it anymore.

Interesting thing is that many people who arent as mentally stable have a very strong belief, while others with leader-abilities have a lesser belief in a god.

What makes the difference? And why is that?

I have come to the conclusion that if you question things like a child, you come to the idea that you simply need to replace "God or Religion" with the "Big Picture".

Like if you´d turn on Google-maps for the real-life and view the things from above with all dots connected.

I prefer to think this way, because when I started out freelancing 5 years ago I had no chance other than to believe in my own abilities. The only help would be to "make a map" and turn on the navigator to guide me even through the foggy areas of life. (And no, I don´t live in London and I am not affiliated with TomTom or google for that matter:)

Now it is just a habit to switch between my "eye-view" and the "big picture" every once in a while to see if I´m still on the right path.

People with a strong belief in a god or religion do exactly that without even knowing it. The central approach is to keep up the dialog between the inner eye (that captures the big picture and hidden things) and the outer world which we perceive with our shallow eyes.

Sometimes we just need that little change to our worldview and make it a habit to make life easier.
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