An Unexpected Journey ... to San Diego Comic Con

Instead of writing an unnecessary review of the latest Peter Jackson Movie, I will have an unexpected journey myself.

Out of the rabbit-hole, I will carve my way towards San Diego in July 2013 to be more precise: to THE Comic Convention!

I have to thank Howard W. Lewis for this opportunity, our longtime collaboration over the past 4-5 years have led to this happening, but it wouldn´t be possible without his patience and trust in my work.
And to be perfectly honest, I can´t say what I expect, except that I really look forward, showcasing our work and last but not least, with that I promote my service and abilities in another dimension than ever possible before.

There is a nice quote by Milton Berle : "If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."

Not saying that I´ve built that door, but probably I was working unconsciously on it, the way I did. Prioritizing self-publishing authors equal to publishers in our digital millenium, eventually led to a mutual effort that made it happen.

And you know how it feels? It feels like doing the right thing!

To begin with the story I have to tell that I havn´t known Howard before he approached me a few years ago to acquire the rights to use the following image as a cover for his Sci-Fi novel.

Stillife Resurrection

Nothing uncommon, but still, I had a good feeling about him as he not only sent a copy of the final book with a personal note, he also came back for more work, to be precise 3 cover illustrations, cover -layout-designs and around 70 black-and- white illustrations for chapter art as also promotional art and design overhaul.

Current revised layout for book 2 of the Daedalus Rimes Saga by Howard W. Lewis

I thought the i-tip was the foreword in my first art book called Fantabulous Visions, which is so on a personal yet professional level that it is better than any recommendation letter.

But that he manages to get me over to the States to exhibit some of my work and meet him personally is something special for me, beyond my imagination, to be true...and that rarely happens!

Over the years we became friends with great respect for each other and even with the distances away and not one word personally spoken yet, we find ourselves on a precious journey. This exploration will not be about one or the other, but about combined powers to deliver a great show and to take the chance to meet for the first time, trivial - eh?

I write about that matter this early, because there are many preparations to be done. Even if we share a booth together, I can have my own little place to sell cookies and be prepared, I will have them with me, but due to travel-restrictions, they are limited, "first-come - first-serve "kind of thing, ya know...

To be more precise; I currently work on my second book with a collection of all Fantasio Girls, featuring at least 10 previously unpublished works and a limited mini-art catalog about a new series I am working on to which you have seen an image on top of this post, it´s called "Skullz & Idols". (The password for this page has to do with bones)

Production for this will cost time and money, thus promotion for this event can´t be early enough, so if you happen to be there, want to be there or know someone who will, be sure to swing by and say hello at booth 1019 / Daedalus Rimes Saga.

Unfortunately not the Illustrators section, not even close to the Artist alley, but that can be an asset, it might be easier to stand out by showing artwork in a bookstore than it is to showcase at a gallery or art-show where you expect that. At least I have gathered some experience with that circumstance, as digital painter in art shows about custom cars and physical airbrushing I´m used to stand out, and I like that.

It is that what people remember, not the 45 airbrushing artists, but the one who paints fancy things on his iPad... yepp, that´s me.

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