Artbook Review - Erotic Fantasy Art, Volume 2

I don´t want to bother you again with Artbook reviews, but since I am in the process of working on my own book and getting featured in some annual Artbooks such as Machines and Magic or Exposé#9 recently, it is naturally to show at least some of the work and efforts others put in their publishing works.

For this book I have to thank Paul Peart Smith for asking me to participate and the team of ILEX for gathering awesome talents and tasteful imagery for a really inspiring coffee- table book. I´d say this is a book that is for sure a conversation starter if you have it on the table when your mother-in-law visits you. In a positive way:)

Its a real honor to be along so many great artists that I admire, such as Charlene Chua, Jason Juta, Pascal Blanché, Daniela Uhlig, Uwe Jarling, Lorenzo Di Mauro, Matt Dixon and many more.

I think I don´t need to say anything big about the quality of Ilex- books, they are hardcover with a dust jacket, bound really strong and even the hardcover is printed. A fabulous print, paper and color quality sums up the obvious brilliance, the paper is a semi-glossy heavy one that flows nicely without reflecting light too much.

Below you find some interior shots I did with the camera, just to get a glimpse of what you are missing out if you don´t get yourself a copy. You can purchase the book directly via the publisher ILEX-Press or Amazon.

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