The Problem With "Doing Well"...

Did you ever notice, wherever you state in a conversation that you are doing well, the conversation is soon dying? No? Then try it for yourself.

People like to small talk and sometimes we enjoy a little compassion too.
And that is totally OK, because the human nature is that we are sincerely interested in solving problems.
We are most eager to solve problems we have created by ourselves.

I hear outcries like: " It´s crisis, how can you do well?" or when the newspaper write about another catastrophe here and there.
To be honest, I care about problems that people carry to me with passionate interest in creating an outstanding solution, why should I waste time with problems I can not fully grasp, especially when they happen to take place far, far away?

Sure thing, terrible things happen in the world, every day, every hour and every minute, and an equally number of great things do happen at the same time in the same world, how is this possible?

Simple answer first: Ying and Yang. Black and white, cup half-full and half-empty. Day and night.
Makes sense, right?

It always depends on how we see things and if we are able to change our worldview through others. If you believe in the BS television will make you believe, its your own fate, and please don´t wonder why the cup is always half-empty.
Its totally important to know your conversation partner, because you can´t tell heaven from hell, blue skies from pain and a green field from a cold steel rail. (From Pink floyd - Wish you were here)

If I do well, for whatever reason, its my own luck and its absolutely crucial to know with whom I share this luck. With the right people this luck can double, with the wrong people, it can grow anger and envy.
In this regard, the lyrics and hidden advice from Pink Floyd are golden, like so many of their songs.

An interesting thing I noticed, is that it is vital to share any positive vibe and happenings with clients and true friends, with people who enjoy hanging out or working with you. These people are multipliers for positive mindsets and "doing well"- notifications because they invest, time, money, or both and love to see you grow.

I think its good to know that, and its important to filter what you share with people around you.
Last but not least its also important to treat the people who invest in you with appreciation and not forget their confidence in you.

If you do that, there is no competition, only collaboration, only full or half-full cups and always a steady change of days and nights.

So, how do you do?

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  1. I really enjoy reading your blog posts. They are always thought-provoking and interesting which has me returning here again and again. Thank you for the effort you put into this. It's deeply appreciated.

  2. what a gr8 job u've done :)
    thanks for sharing..



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