The Spotify Way of Sorting out Good and Bad Clients

When I discuss music with friends, it becomes more and more evident that so many people still don´t know what a bliss Spotify is.

A friend recently mentioned to me they have not the time to get through it or assume it consumes more time, when in fact the opposite is true.

If you´re like me, you want to enjoy music, whenever, wherever, without the hassle of piracy and without the waste of time to go into a shop or worse, shop DRM protected iTunes products for that matter.
And I don´t need fancy booklets or CD-cases from most artists. I also don´t need crowded record shops which don´t have what I´m looking for anyways. If you are freelancer and / or have children, you know that time is precious. I don´t want to own music, I just want listen to it.

I often gave radio stations a try but can´t stand the blurbs, news and commercial breaks in the long run.
In this aspect, my guess is that Spotify will change a whole generation if their success continues.

Spotify is a great example on how good marketing can work.
Good marketing makes you enjoy the experience, while promoting it wherever you can, because it has a lot of pro´s that outweighs the costs.

As of May 2011 they plan changes to spotify free/open, in my opinion this step is absolutely important to separate the wheat from the chaff. Everyone wants a super awesome service for free but only a few want to pay for it, as a service provider, who do you like more?

  • Those who love your products, make free of charge promotion for your service and come back often?
  • Or those who love and want everything you do for free and bother if you start to charge anything?

Applied to the work and service a freelancer offers, there are a obviously some similarities, no one wants clients from hell. And from time to time its important to show that.

My decision was clear from the onset of using Spotify, and after a year of using the free service, the change in their system had made me switch to the unlimited account instead of leaving them.

For me the use of the service outweighs ten times what the unlimited membership does cost me.
On my workstation I don´t want to save or collect music and I always want to learn and stumble about new songs, without having to spend hours in a record shop or Amazon / iTunes, I just want to listen to songs while working.

Also when I favorite a song on my workstation, automatically I have it in my playlist at the living room - hi-fi or mobile.

The related artists feature makes it really easy to access many new artists.
And even if not every album is available right now, they do a lot to make it available in the near future, and the more labels and artists get onto this, the more will be available.

The benefit from all this is a lightweight program that delivers a whole world of music without having to worry about disk/space or money.
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