Do you stand or sit at work?

After reading this article about health on the desk: which I came across through a tweet from a twitter friend. I was kind of enlightened and felt frightened at the same time. Mainly because I have found the source of my main problem - the ongoing feeling of doing no actual "work". I was used to stand and move at work constantly before switching to the full time freelancing work, two and a half year ago.

The first time it wasn´t a problem either, to be honest you have other things to worry abnout if you start to do self-employed business, but after a year I found out that I havn´t really any fitness or hobby I can turn to. Doing WII-fit excercises doesn´t count, really.

Realizing that I roughly sit for around 60 hours a week, the effect can be enormous.
I´m not overweight, but after just these two years sitting on a desk, I feel a lack of constitution, which is not a state I want to keep forever.

This article confirmed my assumption that I have to change something in my working day:

I don´t wanted to incorporate a ready -built standing desk or a treadmill, but I am really fond of ergonomic workstations and how to change things for better.

Below is a before and after shot of my current work place, which promises more movement and productivity:


So far it has been the best decision ever.
The total cost for this ergonomic change was around 100,00 Euro, but the effect is an improvement measurable in even 48 hours.

So if you´re not a plein-air painter who is always on tour this might be a good advice for any desktop artist or freelance designer.
The benefit from a changed posture and habit can only be told after years of working, but its up on you to decide what consequences you might face.

In times when my day job kept me physically active I was happy to switch on my mind and PC in the evening and doing what I love the most, and relaxed while sitting. But now where the passion has turned into a day job, and it seems I´m there for the long run, its time to change.

When do you switch?
If there are any concerns, I´d really like to answer any questions about that matter, or like to hear your experience.
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