The Essence of Daedalus Rimes - Two Minds are Better than One

When I was asked by H.W. Lewis get the
permission for S.t.i.l.l.i.f.e. resurrection
piece as a Cover for his second book, I had no clue what its all about.

(half plaster sculpture and photomanipulation, special credits to suzi9mm)

But since he is the Author and not an Agent (whose job it is to hunt for images) I found out and felt honored that Howard is a fan of my work. Publishing a book as independent Author is a very difficult task and every step needs to be contemplated and considered carefully, I´m glad we came together to realize this project, and hopefully there will be more sculptures that find a way onto the book-shelves.

He was so nice to send me a copy of his first book to get me an account of his story, or rather the story of "Daedalus Rimes".

At this point I have to say that I am not a big reader at all, and this is just a personal review (for making book covers a short briefing is usually the only bit of information's I get about a project)  additionally my mother tongue is German and therefore I had to get into the foreign language of the book first, which is a more demanding task than just reading or writing "everyday- comments or mails"

After I got past the first pages I had the impression of a blockbuster going on in my head, very visually and emotionally communicated! I can say the first book is not only a refreshing change to typical sci-fi, or what you expect from it, its a wonderful and great debut!
And once you think you´d know a bit more about the protagonist T.e.e.l.a. this Character captivates the reader in a way that cannot be compared to anything, at least to what I´ve seen or read, I can only say so much: two minds are better than one

Without a doubt the book will raise thoughts about our life on earth from a point of view that makes you think really different about the human race *a shiver runs down my spine*.

However, I´m a fan of technology, especially alien technology and crossings of humans with ..whatever... which I always explore in my personal, artistic experiments, (like my trans genetic metahumans reflect quite good:) So if you, in a slightest way, share this fascination, this book is for you.

What most fascinated me is the way Howard describes the characters and specifies habits or circumstances in a familiar manner, without wasting precious space or interrupting the tension, both books are page-turners that will satisfy.

There are some comments about the first book at AMAZON here and after I read them, I can only relate and second every comment about the book, my only addition is that I wish Roland Emmerich would make a movie out of this book, and Independence day would turn pale.

I had a hard time deciding whether I should write about the story here, but this blog is not about reviews of books, thats the job or hobby of others, occasionally when I´m moved by something (especially when my work is involved) its possible that it will find an outlet here.

I will not post spoilers here, simply to avoid cut and dried opinions.

Build your own opinions and discuss!
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