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Recently I redesigned my website fitting to this blog-layout and colors.
Then I thought it might be time for a recap of the evolution of ""

Funny thing is that the picture below was a long time my under-construction sign from around 2002-2003 or so. Funny to read that today and its still true.

The very first version was kind of a CMS -system with little to no possibility for me to change the layout:

Later the "splash-screens" were very common, so this was what the entry page looked like in 2006-2008:

In 2008 I got my macbook and Iweb, the first try was not that bad, but still a bit too Mac:

In 2009 I changed the color and fitting to my new CI the header changed back to V.01 since its still timeless and reflects Fantasio fine Arts very well, but still a little too fancy and dark:

In 2010 the design is inspired by this blogger template from Josh Peterson to create a bridge from the blog to the website and vice versa. Less blingbling, faster loading and focused more on the important things. I guess the whole marketing, design and web-design tutorials I found through my twitter pals: has finally helped:

But while the blogging experience is taking over and justified, there is still a need for a not so dynamic site due to press releases, publications and the ever-growing Art-archive.
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