Obscene seduction artbook by nEgoist - a (p)review

Since i am a big artbook fan and collector, my standard for books is high
and i´m also very picky when it comes to quality.

So a few days ago i received the bag -package with my copy of the "Obscene seduction" artbook, finally!
And i was really pleased about the editing and print -quality!

After a year of work, from submission process , selection, to editing and coordinating, i think Irene, Natalia and Anna have done a great job in publishing this "collect -worthy" art book.

When having this hardcover and A4 sized book with over 120 pages in hand, it wakes the impression that you can pick it up in every Barnes and Nobles.
But the content may prove you otherwise, (in a positive way:) like some views in the inside works show.
(Note: i have just selected works that show no nudity and raw violence, so it may be sfw)

Besides is the list of artists included in the book, makes it easy to find someone, once asociated a work with the artists name.

I really dig the clean look and layout of the book.
Unlike many other art books that try to publish rather catalogs with as many artists as possible, this publication gets back to the trend in being selective but therefore showing quality work and giving the work the space and place it deserved.

Below you find a selection of pages to get an insight into the works that are included, i´m happy to be amongst a lot of talented artists and especially because i know the most of them from deviantart, the project pushes again the boundaries and demonstrates that networking can be a good thing too.

If you are a fan of subtle thrills and horror or even Gothic, this coffee table book might be for you!
Now let the pages and impressions speak to you (click on the images to enlarge and see / read details)

This album presents artworks illustrating the attraction of the macabre. Is it an expression of self, is it portrayed through beauty or by a mere morbid fascination? From forbidden desires to the allure of death, pain and malice, perhaps the acceptance of its existence instead of fear: stories of obscene seductions.
This concept is seen through the eyes of different artists around the world and allows us to explore the places of the human psyche that is present, but preferably denied by most.

I´m not sure if it will be available on some bookstores like Amazon,
but for now you can get your copy directly by the publisher:

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  1. After all this time, I came by your review just now. I am very happy that you liked the book!

  2. I'm glad you appreciate this book so much... Personally, it was the first time I was published and it was a great moment for me! ^^



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