Broken and fixed part 3, a tribute to Horst P. Horst

Today i found the time to finish this piece and do some necessary postwork.
It started with an image and developed itself into an interesting series, because a lack of time just a yearly one, but since 3 years i manage to keep up with that: Broken and fixed 2009 is finally here:

The idea with the 2009 piece was to give some sort of a tribute to the outstanding photographer
Horst P. Horst, who was the inspiration to this iconographic image.

My approach was to use a mixed media technique but essentially tried to capture the same mood and fashion aspect like Horst did, thats why i reduced the postworked piece back into duotone.

The special thing about my mixed media collage technique approach is that a digital composite piece goes traditional and becomes a unique piece of art through hands on a traditional finish, a open edition print run makes the post -producted piece available for more art collectors, but only one can have the original.

Some additional infos about the piece and its creation: I worked from a 3d posermodel, the corset is done by fashiondesigners tolllkirsche for reference after the digital composing was done, i printed out 2 sheets and cut them into pieces and painted it over completely - hence the collage and glossy look.
Finally i added  that custom made shelf and put the band through the holes.

Below are the other two parts of the series Broken and fixed 2008:

Broken and fixed 2007:

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