Exit Popularity Contest / Not Your Usual End of the Year Post

Colored Chun Li piece / Lines by Artgerm

It  is that time of the year again, this year went by so fast that I wanted to pull a handbrake or something.

By now everyone on my list should have seen my card for this holiday season, so I won´t bother you with that anymore. OK, I will have it posted at the bottom, just for reference ;)

This year was very turbulent for me in a very profound way; Away from commission based works toward more personal artworks. And with several existing series and demand from fans to do more in this or that direction,  next year I will be even more on my own terms than any year before.

I will still do the occasional book cover illustration or licensing, at least if it is a kickass project, but the majority of time will go into personal art projects or collaborations.

This also means a certain raise in pricing for anything commission related, be it concept/character art, book covers or private commissions.

On the other hand this means even more colored line works like the Chun Li piece I colored for fun and exercise as initial blueprint to create a completely new portfolio.

While we are there, interviews or inquiries for interviews seem to be rare these days. So that it is simply a surprise when being asked, like recently when I got to do one with Toxic Sushi which is in German language and can be found here: https://issuu.com/toxicsushi/docs/toxic_sushi_19_web

Either there are no more magazines that do art interviews anymore or I´m just with a few lucky ones that are being overlooked.

Exit Popularity Contest
That title is totally borrowed by one of my favorite musicians current album that was released in 2016 - Apoptygma Berzerk.
There may be people out there believing that the instant recognition from social media gives them salvation and putting out stuff that anyone likes is the holy grail. Grow up please, it is not. Social media platforms like facebook just want you to spend more time on their site and if you are a business, even more money to reach your very important customers. What a fucked up way this system has ended up.

Website Milestone
Another point to look proudly back to 2016 is this website/blog. I´ve surpassed the 600.000 page-views mark a few days ago, time to celebrate, yay!

Thanks for all who visited, read, shared, twittered and recommended articles. I'm usually not much into page-views or statistics, that is why I'm always late when I recognize something mention-worthy;)

X-Mas Card
Finally here is my X-Mas card for 2016, I hope you like and have safe holidays and a great new 2017.

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