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A different topic and actually a very personal one.

When I first stumbled about ASMR an acronym for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response I found a word for something I was experiencing a lot when listening to specific music.

That kind of specific music has certain triggers - as the definition puts it. Once a trigger is pushed it is possible to keep this sensation up for hours.

Most often when looking for ASMR or ASMR-Music you will find playlists linking to crackling sounds or whispering voices. Believe it or not, whole youtube channels cover this phenomenon.

The most suitable lists to discover new songs can be found on reddit:

I started to do a list of music myself that somehow triggers ASMR here. Maybe someone else finds this list useful as well. Most songs take between 3 and 20 times listening to experience any kind of ASMR.

I start with Nr. #10 and explain a bit about the music and why I like it specifically.

#10 Room With A View from Mesh

What I like about this song is the atmosphere, the artifical soundscape, perfect use of stereo sounds going from left to right. Also it is one of the harder to find male voices that can trigger ASMR in my opinion.

# 09 Derezzed (Remixed By The Glitch Mob) - Daft Punk

The Glitch Mob is known for quite some good breaks and background glitch sounds and in this song they incorporate a lot of their abilities. In my opinion it is also one of the best Daft Punk remixes, even better than the original.

# 08 Komm zu Mama - Grossstadtgeflüster

This is probably one of the best songs of Grosstadtgeflüster to trigger ASMR. Whispering voice, catchy melody and surprising hooklines. In my opinion this whole song is one trigger.
What you need is what I got ;)

# 07 Looking for Strange - Super Strange Mix by KMFDM

This song is plastered with surprising hooks and basslines. In general I don´t know what the trigger is; either the sexy whispering female lead voice or the exact same voice surprisingly screaming in the later part of the song. It could also be the devils voice. All in all; one of my favorite songs of all time and an ASMR masterpiece too.

# 06 Army Of Me - Björk

Not sure how many times I heard this piece but it never ceases to fail triggering.
It is probably the slow monotonuos beat and the small tingling audio samples. The slow singing voice of Björk is for sure the least interesting for many Björk fans, but I believe it is exactly this mainstream appeal that works in favor of ASMR.

# 05 Man Next Door - Massive Attack

Another masterpiece and all time favorite from Massive Attack. When in doubt, this piece never fails. Don´t know if it the ambigious voice that does not let you grasp if there is male or female singing. Either way there is an unmatched emotional flavor and some surprising elements that weave and read together like an ASMR symphony.

# 04 Take Me Into Your Skin - Trentemøller

This one is a perfect example for an instrumental song that is able to trigger. Personally I´m very bound to voices but this exception works quite well. That there are two songs from Trentemøller in my list probably shows how good this guy is in doing some damn fine ASMR music.

# 03 Moan (Trentemøller Remix Radio Edit) - Trentemøller

Another song by Danish musician Trentemøller. This time with vocals and in this case perfect songwriting, whispering, surprising hooklines and the ASMR soundscape melt together into one masterpiece. My favorite part starts at 2:05.

# 02 As The Rush Comes - Gabriel and Dresden Chillout Mix - Motorcycle

This one is by far one of the best ASMR songs ever in my opinion. It is as if the "rush comes" literally. The voice is perfect, whispering and the soundeffects do work in favor of the song.

# 01 I Feed You My Love - Margaret Berger

Never thought I would say this, but this song became my no. 1 when it comes to ASMR. On one hand because the voice matches the perfect complementary octave to the bass line. On another hand the slow whispering and sometimes exhaling voice combined with a particular pronouncing and added delay effects never ceases to amaze.

A lot more can be found on my spotify playlist. Let me know your favorites in a comment.
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