Fantasio Brushes And Tool Presets

Over the past months I have begun to share my tools of the trade and I will try to keep this habit up.

Below you will find all the brushes that I have shared with my fellow artists so far and the list will be updated every once in a while. I also try to pack each brushset into a category, this makes it easier to pick them up instead of having to install a bulk of brushes that you don´t know anything about.

If you try something out and stumble across a problem, please let me know in a comment.
If you find them useful, a comment is welcome too;)

And since I make a living from my art, a donation over at my patreon is welcome too, cheers.

The Complete Fantasio Brushet / Tool Presets

Fantasio´s Artsy Brushset

The painterly brushset for Photoshop CS6-CC2015 is available exclusively for patrons over on Patreon:

Fantasio´s Skin Brushes

The skin brushset is available - free of charge - from my patreon feed here:
Here are two videos to explain the different uses of them:

Since they don´t seem to work with Photoshop versions older than CC2014, please see the post linked above for instructions and information on how to use them as well.

Scales Pack - 29 Original Brushes

These scale brushes are available for free on my deviantArt page:

Canvas Paint Brush With 2 Colors

The brush used in the piece above does not look like much, but it is really powerful. The reason is that you can change between two colors by pressure! That makes it extremely useful for conceptual sketches, life drawing sessions, posebook studies, thumbnail sketches and value practice/studies especially when working on a tablet like the Surface Pro
. The download is free and consists of both a .tpl and .abr file:

To be continued...

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