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The Dark Realm Collective is alive and kickin since September 2014. We are a loose gathering of creative minds come together to create works based on a given theme to a given holiday or occasion. Our group is constantly growing since then.

For me it is always a huge kick and motivation boost. We come together virtually to raise the bar on what is possible in digital art and for me it serves as a reminder where I come from (artistically).

Today I want to post all of my artworks related to DRC and my thoughts about each piece. This post will be updated with every new addition / art pack in the future.

Witchcraft Artpack :: March 2016 

Topic: The Furies
Title: Hexen I: Heretic Warrior

Part 1 of a new series about "Hexen" (German plural and verb for witches and witchcraft) in a certain themed setting. This piece is subtitled "Hecate and 4 Swords" and describes the powerful witch that can summon the deadly powers of blades and steel. Unlike the historical mythology about Hecate, this heretic warrior grows powerful by cutting her own arms and grows new ones like a hydra. She can send her newly grown limbs miles away and becomes a powerful near and ranged combat weapon herself in the process.


Urban Folklore Artpack :: October 2015

Theme: Kuschisake Onna
Title: Am I beautiful?

This is my contribution to the Dark Realm Collective Halloween theme called "Urban Folklore"! The theme I picked was: "The timeless beauty of Kuschisake Onna".

Credits: Model - mervilina.deviantart.com


Summer Solstice Artpack 2015 :: The Shape

Close up 1

Close up 2

This is "rise of the slasher" the summer topic from the Dark Realm Collective
The collection focuses mainly on the 80ies slasher movies genre and actually that was a topic I wanted to skip since I had no idea, yadda yadda.

Then Conzpiracy noted that we also can run wild with a theme - I picked "The shape" and that´s what you got.

I definitely overused the retro colors and chromatic aberation, however, I believe that is the tiny percentage that still connects my work with this month pieces from our other members ;) Hope you like.

My piece is also part of the month June patreon rewards and a hi-res version will be available exclusively to patrons

Model is courtesy of http://artreferencesource.deviantart.com, part of the headgear is from a c4d renderpack from mediamilitia http://mediamilitia.com/ Tools I used were Groboto, Mandelbulb3d, Isometric (iPad) Like my work?

Easter 2015 :: Resurrection 2.0

Close up 1

Close up 2

An art pack release for "Black Easter".
The theme I picked was "Resurrection".


Valentines Day 2015:: The Impossible Heart

Close up 1

Close up 2

My contribution to Dark Hearts, the Valentine art package from The Dark Realm Collective.
Have a nice one!

I really enjoyed working on this one as it was a nice chance to get more into surreal and symbolic stuff again, a bit in the flavor of my piece "Call of Cthulhu"

Model acquired from ArtReferenceSource.deviantart.com
Tentacles and apple from Depositphotos
Background, and other stuff as also brushes from my own archive.
Additional apps used were: Reflect for iphone for he tattoo, Mandelbulb3d for the background and foreground, Groboto


X-Mas 2014 :: Fantabulous-RQ: Aoi Usami / Slay Belle

Close up 1

Close up 2

This one was a tough one to come up with; Actually I just wanted to do a contribution for the x-mas challenge on DRC - "the dark realm collective", the topic I choose was "Night of the slay belles". Check this link to see the piece without the x-mas text;)
On my blog you find some close-ups as well.
The hard part was that I couldn´t come up with an idea that was not rendered a thousand times before. I also don´t wanted to do just a dark or gory pin-up piece. 
So I had to dig deeper. Additionally I wanted to have a piece that I could use as a seasonal greetings card and with each demand it got harder to come up with an idea. By the end of the day I had something that need to suit the following criteria - it had to be:

Pinup (My RQ-series)
Incorporate the terms Slay Belle somehow;)
Christmas or winter time
Pop-Culture (my personal aim)
Fun to do

Did I mention that it is really hard to bring these terms together in a believable way?

Inspired roughly by the slay belle version of Katarina from League of Legends, Star Wars, Iron man, etc.
Model: Aoi Usami
Photographer: rq-star.com/
3d Stuff like antlers gundam boots rendered in blender

Halloween 2014 :: Oni Ni Tenome

Screenshot capture in progress

The themes for this  topic on Halloween were:

1. The Resurrection of the Buckners
2. A Symphony of skulls
3. Hollywood Macabre
4. I can't shake these Daemons
5. The Apparition of Lady Grey

I decided to go with the Demons I can´t shake.
The Tenome is a mythological Japanese creature best known from the movie Pan´s Labyrinth. Del Torro´s vision nailed the creature 
perfectly as it used to be a blind man. However I took the artistic license to run wild with the interpretation.

Consider to support me on Patreon thanks! 

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