Education In A Nutshell: Digital Painting Tutorials

We are living in amazing times. Right now you can educate yourself with a smartphone or tablet at your hands.

It takes self discipline and persistence for sure. Paving your way through the education jungle isn´t easy. But the rewards are gorgeous.

In this post I want to list some of my favorite links to digital painting resources.

Feel free to sites with resources in the comments. Especially patreon has become more and more useful with mentoring (which I offer too). Don´t hesitate to post your website or offer if you have something useful to add.

#1 Gumroad Tutorials

Gumroad has become a useful and cheap resource in the last 12 month. I have gathered what I found to be useful on my pinterest board here. It is easier to follow when new stuff comes up.
There is also Kiwi Juice and Tutilation for more resources on Gumroad

#2 Patreon

Patreon has become more attention recently. Many artists are using it as a hub to create more meaningful connections with fans. They send out useful rewards in return for a small, recurring monthly fee.

I see an advantage over all the other platforms for two reasons:

you support living and individual artists and are closer to them

Artists often can not afford to maintain a newsletter, patreon is a good alternative.

Below is a list with artists who have something interesting to offer:
  1. Ilya Kuvshinov
  2. Zeronis
  3. Sakimi Chan
  4. WLOP
  5. Oione
  6. Peter Mohrbacher
  7. Steven Stahlberg
  8. James Wohlf Strehle
  9. Oione(Lena)
  10. Precia
  11. Mippie art
  12. Adorael
  13. Woohooligan
  14. AmBr0
  15. James Wolf Strehle
  16. Dr. Grizscald
  17. The essential Squid
  18. Studio Colrouphobia
  19. One Fantastic Week
  20. Joe Slucher
  21. Yours truly (fantasio)

#3 Tutorial Websites:

  7. Basics of Portraiture
  8. Skin Tutorial #1
  9. Skin tutorial #2
  10. link list
  11. Andrew Loomis Books
  12. The Famous Artist Course (1-24)
  13. CTRL-Paint

#4 Online Museum Resources

  1. https://www.deutsche­digitale­

#5 Stock Photography and References

  1. Anatomy for artists
  2. Brushes,Lens Flare, Effects for Photoshop and more
  3. deviantArt unrestricted stock accounts
  4. Models and poses
  5. Textures
  6. Water, Fire, Elementary image resource
  7. Free Interior & Landscape images
  8. Character inspiration Images

#6 Other Resources

  1. 300+ free resources, apps, websites and more
  2. Stock, vector, fonts and specific application resources
  3. The Resource (fb group)
  4. Movie Screenshots
  5. Character generator
  6. Level-up - resource links
  7. Digital brushes for Photoshop
#7 Youtube / Video Tutorials
The first go-to resource should also be youtube.

But that can be a time-consuming place and if I post a list today it might be old in 2 weeks. So what I do instead is give you a link for a pinterest search on digital painting. If you are more into photo manipulation, just change that in the top bar.

You might have to register to use Pinterest, but it is worth it. The search via Pinterest is less time consuming and shows more curated content.

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