Skin Painting Demonstration and Tool Presets For Photoshop

I have posted this to my main hub Patreon first it is likely that you have read about this earlier.

You stumbled about this page in search for awesome Skin Brushes for Photoshop? There you go:

I have compiled Tool Presets for Photoshop which you can download here.

Below you see the overview of brushes that I use for painting skin in Photoshop.

This package includes my tool-presets for painting skin. The collection of brushes is for human skin and creatures. I dare to say it is even useful for retouching.

You can install the .tpl file by dragging it into Photoshop. But you have also to open the window for tool presets - without that you won´t find the tools.

These brushes don´t do skin for you! Working on a piece requires to lay down a base painting first. Then you refine values, add light and shadow and paint with texture on top. Experienced artists have their own workflow and adjust brushes to their liking.

You might want to check out the brush panel first if you are not familiar with Tool Presets in Photoshop yet.

Tool Presets are usually custom versions of existing brushes. I tried to name the presets by what they look like, not what they are. Maybe you see something different in them - that would be fine.

I hope this becomes useful to you!

This friendly creature was painted using my brush presets, and so can you.

See the video below how to do that.

Creature Skin Texture Painting in Photoshop

Skin Texture Painting in Photoshop (Smooth to Regular)

The videos explain how I use these tools and it is by no means the only way how to use them.

Please let me know if you have any questions and please consider to support me on Patreon for more useful resources, thanks!

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