The George Lucas Way Of Creating Things

Rune Ballot of Mardock Scramble fanart

Quite recently I found that I was using the George Lucas way of creating things. While I´m not that acclaimed (yet) I found his method to be useful for any creator or artist. Let me explain it in the following sentences:

What Lucas did was realizing early on with a project, what he was capable of doing and what not. That is the reason why parts of the Star Wars movies were created more than 20 years later.

Lucas and special effects teams worked together, back then. So he knew quite a lot would be going on in the future of special effects. VFX and CG art that filmmaker in the early 1980´s could only dream of.

He used that knowledge to his advantage.

With the picture on top of this post I did the same. I did a rough sketch like the one to the left and felt rather uninspired. Actually not capable of doing the right coloring with it.
Only 5 weeks later, I picked that exact shitty sketch up and threw some paint on it, no matter what. I know this is not the perfect example, but it does not always need to have an imperial scale. Sometimes it is just a postponed sketch that you feel unable to fill with life. Later along the way you remember it and feel more capable to achieve better things.
That, in my understanding, is the Luas way of getting things done.

Go forth and create now! Go with the flow!

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