Photoshop Quickie: How To Do Colored Metal

This might be the first video from (hopefully) many to come showing quick tips for Photoshop on a regular basis. Actually I intended them to appear as written posts only but I figured it might be much easier to explain things directly in Photoshop with voice-over.

So yes, that is actually me speaking and it is awkward and not so entertaining as you might hope. However, it is a new medium for me and I have to get used to it - so please bear with me.

The video tries to show how I do metal and colored metal in Photoshop.
Additionally you will find out how you can change a diffuse surface into a shiny reflecting one.
This quick tip will not replace studies and the need to learn how surfaces work, but it might give you an approach.

Let me know if you have any questions in a comment, that could become a topic for an upcoming PS-quickie.

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