6 Things You Can Do Right Now To Complain Less

"If you have time to whine and complain about something then you have the time to do something about it."
Anthony J. D'Angelo

When I recently found this suggestion/ motivational quote about going 24 hours without complaining, it really stroke a chord, because I had to really think about that matter for about 5 minutes to come up with a reason and a time when I had complained about something the last time.

Honestly I can´t remember.

However, when I read the comments to the facebook post it feels like I am the only one without a reason to bother. This brought me to think deeper about that matter and what effective people probably do differently than others. No, I´m not promoting a book here or one of these countless blog posts that give you 10 random things you could do on any day to be more succesful, etc.

Well, the first thing to note is that my text on the image above reads a bit different, and while it seems funny, it still holds truth. It seems to be a ridiculous amount of time, but the timeframe is more realistic than to expect a change from just 24 hours without complaining.

That leads me to a very hard conclusion; If you have to complain within 24 hours more than once, you certainly have a serious problem, that can cause a lot of issues along your way, health issues included.

  • Adjust Your Mindset
    The first thing to change is the mindset. I have some relevant posts about how to adjust your mindset. Worldview changes everything, whenever we find us in a position where we would usually complain, it can be divided in 2 groups: those situations that we can change and those situations that we can not change. The latter is harder to deal with and only a different mindset helps to get over this. The first step to a better mindset is to learn empathy and how to see beauty in everything.
  • Change Things Immediately
    This one is tough and is relevant for the things "You Can Change". How we deal with things that happen to us is a result of routine, routine comes from habits. You have control over habits.
    It is important to immediately take action to shape habits the way you want a routine to be like. One example would be that you react to emails directly to keep your inbox clean, answer directly or move mails into a "TODO" folder if you need to get to them later. It is not that hard, really.

  • Turn Away From Things You Can´t Change
    Seems like a no-brainer, but there are many things around us, issues that we can not change by ourselves, such as a hurricane that destroys your home, or taxes, or the mood of your boss. What you can do is to turn away from the issues, find a different perspective and turn towards solution that change a whole situation. Most often these are radical changes such as quitting a job or change profession or seeking a new home. But somewhere in your life there was something that led to that dilemma and either you face it and find a solution or you stick with it and will always keep complaining about things. Change is always about minimzing possible complaints.

  • Avoid Time-Thieves And Energy-Parasites
    There are people who profit from other peoples energy, time or talent. I don´t mean that in a way of tipping of others, but in a way that some people are energized with a positive power and others with some negative power. As soon as these two persons are in one room they clash. Complaints and frustration is in order. Avoid these people (your guts help you) and you have another reason less to complain or to procrastinate.

  • Take Your Time
    One often overlooked asset is time. It takes time to implement a new mindset or to positively change your habits, autosuggestion also takes time (sometimes years). You´ll notice that impatience is your biggest enemy. This literally is the number one answer to many things in life. Give yourself and others time. No one is all evil, give them time and they´ll show you a good side. With the right attitude you are able to see it (worldview). The same goes with applications, once you submitted your application for this job or that position, simply forget about it. Sure, in 7 out of 10 cases you won´t get an answer, however, the more you are able to forget about it, the more answers you will get.

  • Control Through Responsibility
    You control your life. If you don´t - you are remotely controlled - and that is a very bad thing to happen, the murder of John Lennon was remotely controlled. Whenever you find yourself in a situation that makes you feel upset, repeat the following words:" I am in control of my life and this is where I want to be, everything else is too expensive in my humble imagination." This may sound harsh, but you won´t repeat that autosuggestive sentence 2 weeks in a row, twice a day without changing anything, believe me. But the change must come from within you, no one else then you is responsible for your situation.
Breaking Habits Is The Key
Actually, as you may find out by yourself, breaking habits and changing things you can change immediately will be the most important thing that you can do right now. Avoiding procrastination, forcing breaks and enjoying life is equally important as it helps you to find solutions for your problems. What I find useful when it comes to problems is to go to bed with that open question and having faith that I wake up with a possible answer to it. In 90% of all cases it works. However, it takes time to train your mind in such a way, but what most people tend to forget is that the brain as also the mind is a muscle and it can be trained.

Exercise for Your Mind
One great suggestion to train your mind to be more effective is writing down random things that come to your mind immediately after you wake up. This can be one page or three, important is that you also write about issues you have. I promise; You won´t write about an issue or problems 3 days in a row without doing something about it.

Exercise For Your Brain
Nowadays I do 15-20 minutes of workouts everyday to maintain a certain fitness and it took me years to make that a "working" habit, not because it is hard to do that at home or because it is hard to maintain the discipline doing that on a regular basis.
It is far easier than that: Once I realised, that I can better focus on all my tasks, that I have a better feeling in general and a better blood-circulation - I realized that I do that exercise for my brain and not for a better physical fitness - the latter is a secondary goal called the head-fake.

There are for sure many more ways to lead a life without complaints, but I would rather leave this for the comment section. Any experience you might have, is appreciated, dare you and share it!

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