Android Legacy Series

This page shows a collection of my Android Legacy Art series which pushes the boundaries between human and mechanical anatomy as a constant reminder that we approach the 22nd Century.

List goes from Newest to oldest.

Android Legacy: Sinheresy
Started as cover for the band Sinheresy - unused / Personal work
Android Legacy: Antares 101

Cover Art for Antares 101

Android Legacy: The Messenger (III) 2018 Edit

Android Legacy: Synesthesia
Android Legacy: Soul of a new Machine

Android Legacy: The Grid

Android Legacy : Mechanical Romance

Android Legacy: V

More Process Details on behance

Android Legacy IV

Android Legacy: Akira (III)

Android Legacy: The Messenger (II)
Download the Workshop here (German only)

Android Legacy I

I started these as a personal series and they happen to become featured in some workshop for magazines, but actually the technique used is more than that. In many newer pieces I combine programs like Zbrush and Keyshot with Photoshop and other applications.
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