The Power Of "New"

There are countless marketing strategies out there, harnessing the power of the internet age and focusing on the intelligent and smart buyers. Why is it, that words like "New" or a redesigned product catches more sales than a sophisticated content marketing strategy?

Comic icons are re-newed every once in a while too

Is the appeal of NEW really hard-wired to our brains?

I believe it has to do with our Lizard brains, that is always on the hunt for news, or at least new ways to help us survive.

NEWS as in newspapers or television serve the same desire, a desire to gather knowledge about things that matter to us, so we can prove ourselves as well informed to our peers.

But the big issue remains that many sources are questionable and not every news is really new. How do you point out which news is trustworthy and even if something is trustworthy, does it benefit you in order to survive?

Let´s reflect about the newspaper for a minute, the news that talks about politics for example, why is it that these news foster frustration and bullying, instead of satisfying the nations?

In the age of information, ignorance becomes more than a choice, it becomes a prerequisite for a healthy lifestyle. OR at least being picky about which news you choose to ignore.

Back to the positive news, the ones you encounter in your grocery stores and on Amazon; what about a brand redesign? Why is it that you feel the urge to try the new labeled product of Coca Cola? You know it is the same content with just a different design, but chances are it tastes better...right?
Bullshit you say, but at least 1 out of 3 people think so.

Whenever there´s something new, there´s also a half-life. Different news have different lives.
The new design of a cereal brand may last longer than the "new taste" sticker on an alcopop drink.

To some extent it is fun to observe which kind of news lives longer than others and for which reasons.
From a psychological point-of-view this is very interesting; We are so trained to react on "NEW" that it is almost conditioned. Like the classical conditioning of Pavlov´s dog.

Artists can also benefit from this power in many regards. One option might be to get back to old techniques or old artworks and paint over them and post them as new. Actually adding the word "New" to any description of listing your artwork can result in a better ranking throughout search engines. This is a huge overlooked fact and I´m really wondering why so many artists are ignoring this simple opportunity.

Maybe the next time you try it out for yourself, any feedback or input on this matter is greatly appreciated.

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