Why Giving Up On Your Goals Will Help You To Achieve Them

The headline in this blog post is actually the question and answer at the same time, letting go of your goals will ultimately bring you closer to them, but let´s take a closer look on why this is and what we can do to achieve this desirable state.
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First off, it occurs often to me, mostly through observation, but also from my own experiences, that we most often reach goals or come closeer to things we really want, if we are able to let go.

And since this is rather a psychological thing than a marketing -esotheric know-how-technique, this article will rather explore the relationships of how things work, or better said - how the mind works.

First off, a long time ago I´ve read J. Murphy´s books about consciousness, rather from boredom, however these made me aware that there is something programmable in our mind that we can use. At that time I just didn´t know how to use the remote.

The subconsciousness: It is the first thing to note, it is a big helper and doer of things, but it can take time and it is often stated as being difficult to understand how it works. For those knowledgeable about it, it will be of great service.

Whenever you find yourself having something missed, or you have not achieved your goal, a wrong communication with your subconsciousness might have taken place. The SC is just there, a minion to do things that we have ordered. The problem is that we often don´t know that we order something, when our minds wander and we are rambling to ourselves. Chances are high that whenever we think:" I just want to quit this job, it´s cruelsome" Our SC accepts us for being serious, at least if we repeat the self-affirmation often enough and will ultimately find a way that we can quit our job. If we want that or not. So the next time you say soemthing like this to your self, it might make sense to observe this state and if you really want something put more feelings in it, be it anger, joy or anything else. Emotional linkage is the second significant factor for or mind tomemorize things.

Emotional linkage: actually useful for memory, such as preparing for a public speech or organizing things, it can also be helpful to raise red-flags. If you are very conscious about bad happenings in the past, be it disappointing clients or jobs, etc. Your chances are good that you have trained your emotional linkage system to be sensitive to similar cases. Be it a wording in an email or a specific sentence, EL can save us from doing an error again. At least if we are not in a stress situation so that the Lizard-brain dictates us what to do next.

The Lizard-brain: The Lizard-brain is rather the theoretical function of the Amygdala, which served us in the wild, it is our backup and can be our lifesaver as well. The Lizard brain has also the function to shut-up all intellectual and logical reasons, when it comes to a survival situation. In our modern times that does not happen that often, you might think. But stress is avery common case today and many people are not aware that stress is stress to the LB regardless if you have to survive from a Mammut or your crappy boss.

Awareness: So this ultimately means we have to be aware. Awareness is the only thing that can save us from being stressed at work, not being stressed means our intellectual abilities are up and this also means we can see red-flags when they appear, which means we can set aside a bit of time to makes us self aware of our affirmations we do to our sub-consciousness, which then ultimately lead to achieve our goals.

But wait, wasn´t there something about giving up on goals to achieve them?


That´s the part when obviously the things mentioned above, fall apart. But under the hood, it´s all working smooth.

So, you have to see yourself writing a letter when setting goals, at least that is what helps me the most. I figure that sometimes writing bullet posts on an actual paper works well. Then the next step is to imagine to do this letter in an envelop and the most important part is:"To ship it!"
You can throw your bullet post list in the bin as well.

Whatever you do, it is the same with important letters, let´s say your job-inquiry, or the application for a loan, etc. You´ll watch these become more successful as you learn to let go. If you send 100 of application letters you are not so inclined about each of them and thus the rate of getting replies is bigger.
However, I always found this to be working with 3-5 application letters too, I just let all of them go and never wasted a thought on the outcome. I literally gave up on them, that´s why always came something back.

So, if you have programmed the subconsciousness the right way and are able to write an imaginary to-do-goal list, and are then able to let go, to give up on that thought, your SC is programmed and will help you to achieve your goals, the one way or the other.

The last sentence isn´t fun, depending on your specific situation our SC can find very good ways of helping us to achieve things, but it also alsways depends on our awareness. There is often a reason why something happens, we need to observe any situation and have to compare if this can be something in the vein of our goals, all the time. The difficulty in this can be to still be aware and to compare and also to forget about our goals-you might think. True, but if you really have forgotten about your goals, to be aware, just means you are 100% yourself and awake. If that is the case, you don´t need to worry, as soon as you think about your goals, your awareness probably spotted something your SC was trained to see, so when this happens, you have actually reached something.

Sounds complicated, but actually it isn´t.

An alternative solution might be to have no goals at all, like Leo Babauta wrote on Zen Habits: http://zenhabits.net/no-goal/. However, I find that to be not very promising as it wastes so much resources that our minds have to offer. Oursoftware comes with these packages mentioned above, why not using them the right way? Being truly aware (which means not sedated by meds , drugs or alcohol) and being not in stress, means we can easily achieve any goal we are eager to achieve. Please note that I just wrote about the mind and how we can use it to help us in achieving goals. That achieving goals requires some other skills as well, such as determination, patience, insistence and dedication, should be obvious.

Some interresting thoughts about that matter: http://www.trulyaccomplished.com/how-to-achieve-goals-give-up-on-them/

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