Resistance is Futile...err Necessary?

Well, it´s that time of the year again (Reflection-time) and I found a very new and interesting field of observation, one that srongly correlates with a new art series I´m working on, it has to do with success!

When it comes to personal or economical success, there has almost always something to do with movement. Excitement. I´m literally in love with that phenomenon, as it shows so much about an absolute stigma in society, but one that bears the chance to define ourselves.

Video-collaboration with Courageous Squares, song: "Inertia", you can listen to the instrumental music, while reading.

When observating success of a person, a celebrity or fellow artist, there are two obstacles that everyone of them has to fight; "resistance" and "inertia". I see that in a Physicists way, let me explain why:

In the nature of forces there is always a relevant part that is movement and there is a part that is called resistance, these are true natural forces, Newton would swear.

With resistance I mean a kind of inertia that is inherent in all things due to gravity.

When a thing, a particle moves, inertia prevents all surrounding particles from being moved directly.

You see, all natural forces.

You can see all that in a Discotheke too, pretty fun to view that in a physicists way.
How long does it take to move all particles towards the dancefloor? And how much inertia is left in a room?

This all depends on many factors, but most often it can be boiled down to just two factors, the "mover" and "momentum".

The mover is someone who insists on moving regardless what, when, where and how long it takes, his only goal is to inspire others to take action. It takes a while, but when the right time is come, likeminded people will join and they have a far greater reach than one alone, the "momentum" is reached and with that a "movement". You can call it movement when more than 40-50% of a room is in motion compared to the rest that is inertia, but only a few percent of the rest is resistance, that is important to note, many are just lazy, but only a few refuse to dance or move because they think so!

There´s always a percentage that is resistant regardless what you do, it can also be ignorance, but the result is the same as inertia, but it would take another level to fight that, which is usually too expensive for such a small group.

You can apply this system of thinking to all parts of life and it will work, that is the reason I love that topic so much.

As a matter of fact, resistance is not necessary but useful at times to channel forces, to apply an equal amount of movement (think of speed limits for example), inertia on the other hand is a given thing and if you know with what type of people you have to deal with, it is far easier to get closer to a goal if you know it´s just inertia, not resistance in general that you have to fight.

What a relief!

Mahatma Ghandi has a nice quote that describes that topic very well, and it is absolutely true, it´s the exact chronolgy of things to come:

“First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”
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