Success is About the Permission to Evolve

Success should always be about others allowing you to evolve, not for your ego to grow.

It can be a starting point to think about ways how to thank your followers and fans.

I think this is a bold statement but an important one.
Sometimes when I come up with such a quote, it feels like a headline.
A headline that screams for a blog post, that describes my derivation behind the thought, while in reality the sentence itself is enough to make people think.

However, this sentence came to me the other day while watching the following episode on about fellow digital artist Oleg Dou:

I know his work since a while now from Artlimited and it makes me happy to see his work cover the current edition of the CS6 Photoshop retail box. This means dedication to your craft and patience with the goal of distinctive vision can pay off.

While I think his work is similar to Mark Ryden, he evolved by following his very own path by working in Photoshop instead of  working with oils like many other artists in this genre.
This artist portrait shows to me very much that following your passion is always depending on a loyal fanbase or customer base that "allows" you to do what you pursue.

I know that and I´m very thankful to have the permission to do what I love, every output is proof of that thought. Growing and also success is never a display of your ego, it rather should be a display of appreciation and affection.

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