In Search Of Divine Proportion

To avoid confusion: I´m not affiliated with the Lord in any way.

But I began to realize on what kind of a journey I am with art. Like many artists before and around me, I´m striving for perfection, but artistry also demands that you know when to stop. Striving for perfection is rather a curse than a blessing, tenacity can help to overcome perfection.

If we start to strive less for perfection and more for divine proportion, we see things different as artists.

In search for the divine proportion we are on a path, maybe an expedition to find the awesome anatomy that uses to blow minds. Proportions are usually based on anatomy rules, this is where the artists have a playground to raise the bar, by bending, stretching and changing anatomy in a fabulous, even surprising way, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Below I will feature some art and artist that inspire me by both, finding and verifying that its possible to create awesome anatomy that is sure to become legendary.
I hope you enjoy!

Bao Pham

Jason Chan for Wizards of the coast


Kai Spannuth - dpi-graphics

Mark Newman

James Ryman
Jeff Simpson

This list will be updated with new inspirations from time to time.

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