The Dr. House Guide To Indispensability

“I take risks, sometimes patients die, but not taking risks causes more patients to die - so I guess my biggest problem is I've been cursed with the ability to do the math.”
Dr. Gregory House

I don´t think this guy needs any explanation, but in case you are not familiar with House, M.D. you should fill in the blanks with this bit of information first: Wikipedia.

Its obvious that the character played by Hugh Laurie isn´t a fancy guy that everyone loves, but he is intelligent.
If Vulcanians could be humans, I bet he´d be one. But how on earth can a story around a doctor, who is immune to emotions of others become so impressively successful? 

The most fascinating effect might be having the urge to beat that guy while at the same time you´ll hug him (manhug:). I believe its the epitome of a stereotype that we expect from a demigod in white.
But with the difference that this doc doesn´t wear white, is drug addicted, a cripple, cheats, and expects that everyone is a liar. This makes him a human, everyone has flaws, he just accepted his and compensates it with a passion for his job.

It doesn´t matter if you want to become a better artist, illustrator, freelancer or CEO, you think you are indispensible because you run a business? Then read on:
  • Push the limits, if you think your idea is great, think twice (differential diagnose)
  • Don´t believe that any result is a dogma and need to be worshiped, counterproof
  • keeping a clear distance to clients can help being more objective
  • Learn to let go and the art of the head fake in order to solve difficult problems
  • You cannot please everyone, make clear decisions and stick to them
  • Put everything and the status quo into Question, even, or because everything seems to be fine
The last one is the most important one, be hard to yourself and your peers, work hard on that part and the world becomes a better place.
I´m not too fond of medical TV series, to be honest I don´t watch TV, (sometimes a series on DVD) but the main character is too interesting and the little truths about human psychology give a lot food for thoughts.

Well, House encourages and motivates himself and his colleagues with the methods above, which are absolutely substantial to becoming indispensable, regardless of what you do.

Incorporate these rules listed above in your day and you are ahead of your competition.

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