Is Your Business a Big Question Mark to Prospects?

I´m not a preacher
But I like phrases, especially those that you get told from your parents. They come in handy every here and then in life. Thinking about these quotes, its interesting how much truth lies in a short saying like: "Barking dogs do not bite."
This sentences are self descriptive, no questions left, nothing to get wrong.

As complex as any freelancers business is, Some people tend to carry a specific intricacy out to the prospects they want to reach. Unconsciously.

This scares the hell out of people, let alone interested parties.
Its easier to sell more to someone who is already hooked on your products.
The same mechanics that McDonalds use to launch and successfully sell a new menu offer.

Whats your Promise?
My cornerstone is to keep things simple, at least to prospects and existing clients, and I guess that is why I´m asked. No one wants to hear about your sophisticated process and how difficult it is for you to achieve this or why it cost a dime to change that.
People (prospects included) turn away when they read some keywords that bear difficulties, especially those that you may not be aware of. The best examples are blog posts or messages filled with vampire words.

The reason why Apple sells Mac´s is that they don´t leave a questions unanswered.
The way Wacom has climbed the top of input devices for digital graphics is, that it is pretty self explaining guess it, leaves no question mark at the very bottom.

I have to admit its a process, life is a sophisticated process, but from above everything looks plain.
My credo is to do it like a duck, sweat and run like hell under water, but keep things calm on the surface, this keeps a cool brain and looks even nicer than the other way round.

What also confuses people and prospective clients is when we change.
Sure, artists try to experiment and change minds like trousers, but its not good for the business of doing client work, if you´ve played the Piano yesterday, paint today and create FX for movies tomorrow.

Even if this is your nature, separate things and run every action as a very own project that you nurture. This way people get an impression "what else" you can do, but if you can communicate what your main area of expertise is, its not that confusing anymore, it underlines your value instead of ripping it apart.

It all boils down to this:
When you are talking with friends and parents about 
what you do. you feel annoyed by the same questions over and over. The more its important to get a clear and especially a fast explanation of your business. The "elevator speech" is a practice that is common today and used by professionals all over the world. It describes the ability to talk to a stranger and communicate in less than a minute what exactly you do.

What I observe is also a lot that people cannot apply the "elevator speech"  to their web presence.
You know that has happened, when you browse a website for around 10 minutes and didn´t get the idea what the creator will tell you.

Get simple, or better said: "simply get it".
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