Artists, why do you blog?

While following many blogs, including a lot creatives lately, I find it stunning that many artists post vast amount of artworks, but tend to write very little in addition to them, in terms of description.

This is not a bother but this observation makes me wonder and question, how or what people think make their blog interesting?
This behaviour always remind me on the following surreal scenario; Imagine this: An art-directors or curators office; the door opens, a strange person went in, throws a pile of artworks on the desk and then leaves the room without talking any word, period.

Sure an image can speak more than thousand words, but if an image has such impact, its even more delightful to get hold of the creator and his thoughts!

For the above mentioned kind of posting artworks there are platforms like posterous and tumblr. But I follow blogs because I want to gain information's about the author and artists behind the work, in combination with the art, commonly referred to as content, which in return makes consuming blogs worthwhile, IMHO.

I have some principles why and when I write my blog entries, first rule is:"write only when you have something to say, not just for the sake of posting." the other reason is that I work a lot through Email contact and I find maintaining a blog with my personal flavor attached to, is the least thing I can do on my end for interested parties to get to know me before getting in touch.

Another important point many artists do miss when just updating blogs with their illustrations or artworks, is that images need to be tagged, or be in context of keywords in order to get found. Not a big deal if you have 100k readers but if not, the most readers stumble about your blog via search engines or referrals. Think about it.

By writing all this, I have not added any obvious keywords about the image above, but that is not as much important as attaching a profile to it in this place. But for someone interested, the description about, and the artwork attached, can be found here. Print available here.

Artists, please think about the platforms you utilize and use to share and present your works, any links to new services are welcome too!
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  1. I blog because I like to explain what I've done and why I've done it. I blog because I like to see my thought processes. I rarely tag my images or posts, which is probably part of the reason why I only have 3 followers. I came across your blog by accident I think, but I'm glad I did as I am rather interested in the insightful things you have to say. =)



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