Grabbing we can, All for themselves, After all...

...Everything counts, even one tiny Fantasio piece in a gallery spot...

At least to me, for those not familiar with the title of this entry; its from Depeche Mode (Everything counts)
and "The handshake" is the title of the piece right here->
which has won a spot in the contest exhibition from "money, greed, crisis" that takes place between Nov. 29. - Dec.04. 2009 in the "Anna Klinkhammer Galerie" in Düsseldorf / Germany.

I don´t know how much the public votes helped to make this happen against the weight of the jury votes, but i have to thank everyone who took the time to vote for my contest entry!

"Money, greed, crisis" isn´t an easy topic, but that was what comes to my mind immediately when thinking about it. I think the picture speaks so much for itself through the demonstration of domination, force and weakness on the other side, i think it really describe some exaggerated vision of our everyday lives, but everyone lives such a situation at times.

Today i finished this work with UV -coat and mounted it directly on a wooden box -frame 30 x 30 x 3 cm in size overall. When clicking the image, one can get an account of the structure of that damn sexy "fine art -paper" -the Epson piezo print quality becomes a whole new level of value and hue when finished with varnish and presented in such a unique way.

This is a 1/1 production, so no other print of the illustration in such quality and framing will be available except for this one, the Gallery price will be 250 €.
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