Where to start when not at the beginning?

I have decided to give this whole blog thingie a go.
After a year of struggling with iweb and distracting
myspace hassles and a not really satisfying deviantArt-
journal I finally want to only have one place to gather my thoughts and news and art talk at one place -once and for all.

Another thing i have thought about long enough was the
language. Even when my mother tongue is German, I feel
like home when writing in english - so I won´t deny this any longer by switching the languages. Local news will be on the front of my homepage for the time beeing and thats it.

Art speaks an international language and so should I.

With this blog I´d like to explore or get hold of the keys  of a successful artwork by analysing my own and work from colleagues alike from a censorious point of view.

With that in mind i think it will help myself and others by continuing this adventure to strive for the "perfect" artwork, my current freelancing work experience gives me the objectivity to monitor even my own work very critically.

By doing so I´m focussing on the artwork rather than referring to the artist, as what i´m talking about is the art that speaks for itself (sorry no stickman and no fat on a chair kinda stuff)
What I observe very much on -and offline is an annoying overhyping of artists, or self -dramatization, that seems to get comonplace to some artists, (in the fine arts sector and often by collectors that feel like buying from the artist what they can never have)  but sometimes it distracts from their artworks too much (stickman beware).

To me this looks very often like its necessary to overplay the educational lack of mediated knowledge about self employment of some very famous artschools or they deflect beeing autodidacts, to some degree i understand this. But provocative self presentation or even beeing offensive brings an artists down to a television kinda level.

I´m all about collaboration whenever possible, and learning is on my shedule  everyday - maybe someday i learn that some impressions are wrong - but then i´m the one to acknowledge that.
In a fraction of that time that I post on myspace or deviantArt i have become more successful with twitter,  and to be frankly I love the rule: less is more!

I kept the older entries from my homepage blog, so for reading some of them, go here.

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