The Ancient Kaiju Inceptionism Project...

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...and other big things painted over pre-existing art)

This post is about my most recent project which focuses on learning to master traditional looks by painting Kaiju's and other big things in existing classic landscape paintings.

This is a project I´m really passionate about. Roughly inspired by the thriftstore painting movement that started somewhere in 2010. Today there is still a trend to remix existing traditional works of low value to create something new of either equal or higher value.
But this is something I´m not interested in, for one thing it is an ethical question to vandalize original artworks and there is no learning curve attached to it - so in this regard it does not make sense to me.

My approach is about learning.

Structure, lighting and paint strokes used by the original artists have a sophisticated signature - emulating a similar look in Photoshop without even touching the original is exciting! All the objects you see below are painted by hand with the use of a Wacom Cintiq pen display. The difficulty lies in recreating the brushes, the strokes and the general mood.
It requires a keen understanding of working in Photoshop, painting and art in general.

You could call it high-end artistic retouching - but that would be a boring matter to me, I added something that is not there in the first place to make learning challenging and fun.

The result is a series of mash-up-artworks that are both; a declaration of love to the old Hudson River School and a tribute to the popular modern cult icons of our times.

My ambition in following this series is to keep in the back of my mind that if the original artists would still be alive - I would want them to approve of my remix/cover version.

Millenium Falcon at the mountains / Orig. by A.Bierstadt


Abandoned AT-ST in the Forest - Orig. by H. Böhmer
AT-ST- Painting Process

Digital Overpainting representing an AT-AT Walker in an Albert Bierstadt painting called Among the Sierra NEvada
AT-AT Among The Sierra Nevada - Orig. by Albert Bierstadt
process development here
Close up of the AT-AT overpainting image
Close up - here
Cthulhu and the ninth wave / Orig. by Ivan Aivazovski

The Iron Giant at the lake in the mountains by Switzerland original background by Alexey Svrasov
The Iron Giant at the lake in the mountains by Switzerland / Orig.
by Aleksey Savrasov

Overpainting with a Kaiju - Otachi/ Pacific Rim inspired - in a painting by Thomas Moran where he painted himself painting the Juniata area - including the Kaiju which is a funny tribute and loveletter to the Hudson River artists
A Kaiju Evening At The Juniata / Orig. by Thomas Moran

A Visitor In Yosemite Valley / Orig. by Albert Bierstadt

Digital overpainting of Godzilla in the mountain by Hermann Herzog
Godzilla In The Mountains / Orig. by Herrmann Herzog

Digital overpainting of a Kaiju - Leatherback - in California Spring painting by Albert Bierstadt
California Spring /Kaiju Spring Fever / Orig. by Albert Bierstadt

Photoshop screenshot of Kaijufornia spring painting in progress
Kaiju Spring Fever - Sketch Phase
A mashup of Studio Ghibli´s brainchild Howl´s moving castle which was painted over an existing artwork by Albert Bierstadt called Staubbach Falls
Howl´s Moing Castle at Staubbach
Falls Switzerland near Lauterbrunnen / Orig. by Albert Bierstadt
Step-by-step process of the Moving Castle in the Staubbach environment


Laputa: Castle In The Sky Over Achensee / Orig. by Franz Richard

Video Process:

Close Ups here:

As a disclaimer I have to state here that I have done these works with the primary intention to learn and all artworks belong to the public domain as far as I could make up sources. 

This Project is featured in a wide variety of websites and Magazines on the web. I thank everyone for the support and give permission to re-post or re-blog this material. 

I will keep this page udated when new artworks are finished.

Some noteworthy articles that were brought to my attention can be found in the list below, thanks for the effort in writing about my work, much appreciated!

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  1. Anonymous7/17/2014

    The AT-AT has obviously been inspired by this:

    1. Thank you Anonymous for the link and yes, it is definitely inspired by Dimitri Kaliviotis´s work, no doubt. On the other hand, if it wouldn´t have been his work that helped to develop the idea of how an abandoned AT-AT could look like, I would have found another way to paint one.

  2. I need to own a print of that Godzilla painting.

    1. Hi Kevin, glad you like! Officially I do not sell them in stores anywhere. But I do single prints for conventions as showcase pieces. If you are interested you can contact me (at the bottom of the page) for more info. Best regards,

  3. Any chance of painting something with the Cloverfield monster? Very cool, evocative stuff. Keep it up!


    1. Thank you Dan! Cloverfield Monster is on my list, not sure when it will happen, because there´s so much, but I´ll keep this series up for sure. cheers



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