How do I create jelly in Photoshop?

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Oliver Wetter reveals how to use Photoshop to handle creating realistic jelly substances

Creating and handling substances like jelly requires an understanding of how the material will react and advanced lighting techniques, says Oliver Wetter (

Step 1 – Define the shape

How do I create jelly in Photoshop?
When adding an element such as the jelly tentacle to an image, work with the main subject set to minimum transparency. Just three colours were used to define the shape. Use the Smudge tool and Eraser to begin defining the edges.

Step 2 – Know your substance

How do I create jelly in Photoshop?
A realistic feel relies on foreign matter, such as the jelly, behaving in a way that would be true to its form. Here shadows were added and since the jelly is transparent, odds are that lights get through it and colours the skin red too.

Step 3 – Light the image

How do I create jelly in Photoshop?
Since the lighting is defined in the tentacle, another layer for the rim light was added. It was drawn with a simple scattered brush tip and the layer set to Negative Multiply.
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