Here is where I am...

Sometimes, a sentence or a lyric get stuck in your head for a while, until it´s either forgotten or underlined by another, fundamental experience.

The sencence "Here is where I am" was from a song that came in one of the earlier shows from "the Fraggles", sung by Wembley.

Fun thing is that this quote "Here is where I am" got stuck in my head for around 2 years and by accident I ran into an audiobook by Jens Corssen a few weeks ago (only available in German language). In that the author speaks about how to develop and establish a better way of thinking and in a way it´s about NLP (Neuro-linguistic-programming). One important quote that made me think for weeks was the following one:

"We are where we want to be, everything else is just too expensive in our own imagination."

Now you see there is a strange similarity in the statement of Wembley and a suggestion from a mentoring coach!

When thinking about that NLP has become an integral part of my daily routine, but yet I have found an important bug:

Once we are aware how to setup our mind-console and begin to program new behaviours, it occurs that we are not "up-to-date". How is that possible?

The problem begins when we understand our unconsciousness, that is a little child that has learned to swallow everything it becomes, if you feed it with negative suggestions all the time, you´ll face problems all the time, etc. that kind of thing happens because our unconsciousness alsways tries to find what we are looking for and works when we are not thinking consciously.

The problem with "updates" is that we can apply NLP as good as we want, but it doesn´t have an effect until we check reality to see if our concerns are still true. For example:

An early-retired man in his fifties decided to not make big travels to see the world because of some kind of anthrophobia and medicines he has to take care of, as a result he puts all his money and effort in the house and garden.
20 years later the situation got stuck and because of a new hip joint he isn´t able to work in his beloved garden anymore, so there is nothing more to stay in the house and face the medicines everyday until the small wooden box will release him from the foreseeable fate, depression, boredom, etc.

Regardless if the story is true or fictive, fact is: if the man would have established a successful travel, even with his difficult medicine plan and phobia to fight, he would have been able to either avoid the problem with the hip, or would be able to enjoy life a bit more because of the nice memories he would have had, that lead to a new programming in the long run. The result is that our unconsciousness always remember the things that worked for us and sometimes it is the stress, the daily routine that makes us ill, it is important to step out of that every once in a while.

A better programming earlier in life could have helped the man to establish enough confidence to make things work.

On every thing we do we face a decision, but these decisions can have different outcomes, some are a one-way street, some others bear option or opportunities, life is like a big chess game; the one with the better programming skills will win...always.

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